RYTARY resources

To support you as you begin treatment with RYTARY, we’ve developed a collection of resources to help you on your journey. Download them, print them, and keep them handy as you begin to navigate treatment. Their contents—along with the guidance of your healthcare provider—will help answer any questions you have along the way.


Hear from Debbie, a real RYTARY patient, about her experiences embarking on her own RYTARY treatment journey.


Keep this quick-start guide handy as you begin treatment with RYTARY.


Read this informative brochure, which provides everything you need to know about treatment with RYTARY.


Use this simple tool to track your progress on RYTARY and share your results with your healthcare provider.


Keep important information about savings and support handy by downloading this BlinkRx program overview.


Stay connected by joining our online community—receive ongoing educational communications, event invitations, and more.

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